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I am a Professor of International Relations in the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen. I have published widely on foreign policy, small states in international relations, and power politics and IR realism.

My academic articles have been published in e.g., International Affairs, International Studies Review, International Relations, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Cooperation and Conflict, Journal of International Relations and Development, Ethics and International Affairs, and European Security.

My most recent books are Polarity in International Relations: Past, Present, Future (Palgrave, 2022, co-edited with Nina Græger, Bertel Heurlin and Ole Wæver) and The Oxford Handbook of Peaceful Change in International Relations (Oxford University Press, 2021, co-edited with T.V. Paul (lead editor), Deborah W. Larson, Harold Trinkunas and Ralf Emmers).

I enjoy policy work. I was Chief Investigator and Deputy Director of Research in the Independent Inquiry on Denmark’s Military Participation in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan commissioned by Danish Parliament (2017-2019). I have also served as member of expert advisory groups and written a number of newspaper op-eds and blog posts for outlets such as the LSE’s EUROPP blog and The Conversation.

You are most welcome to connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

If you have question about my work or are looking for one of my publications, feel free to send me an e-mail.

For an overview of my work, please read or download my CV.

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