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  • I am a Professor of International Relations at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen.

    My most fundamental research interest is how small states overcome power asymmetry and vulnerability in international relations.

    I argue that small state foreign policy suffers from both domestic constraints (e.g., tightly knit elites and small pools of talent) and international challenges (most importantly the inability to defend the territory of the state against enemies and limited ability to affect diplomatic outcomes), but that smart strategy and diplomacy can help small states achieve international success.

    Theoretically, my work begins from a critical and constructive engagement with the Realist tradition in International Relations, most importantly Neoclassical Realism.

    I enjoy teaching and engaging with practice. I was Chief Investigator and Deputy Director of Research in the Independent Inquiry into Denmark’s military engagements in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq commissioned by the Danish Parliament (“Krigsudredningen“).

    I am chair (with Revecca Pedi) of the section “Small States in World Politics” at the European International Studies Association (EISA). I am an active member of the Global Research Network on Peaceful Change (GRENPEC).

    Book Launch:

    Polarity in International Relations: Past, Present, Future

    Come and join us for a seminar and reception celebrating the publication of Polarity in International relations: Past, Present, Future. Read more about the event at:

    USA, det transatlantiske forhold og den europæiske sikkerhedsorden: Krisen i den liberale internationale orden og Europas normalisering
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