Teaching & Supervision

Lady teaching a child
Lady teaching a child by The British Library is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

I enjoy teaching and supervising everyone from the first year students learning their ways around university and academic discussion and analysis to PhD students and junior faculty members.

I am a proud Head of PhD Programme for Political Science at the University of Copenhagen. I enjoy daily interactions with our exceptionally talented group of PhD Students in the Department of Political Science.

Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen

I have a strong record of successfully teaching a number of different BSc and MSc courses since 1997. I have supervised more than 100 Master’s theses and a very large number of bachelor’s theses and term papers.

I have experience with class room teaching as well as lecturing to large audiences of 150-350 students and small group seminars with cluster supervision. I have experience with teaching in teams, both as a team leader and as a team member, and I have experience with teaching alone.

I have planned and taught courses open to Master’s and Bachelor’s students as well as advanced Master’s level seminars. I also experience with teaching a wider audience at the Open University.

Read about my teaching philosophy and find examples of syllabi on Small State Foreign Policy and Foreign Policy in Theory and Practice.

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