Teaching Foreign Policy

Syllabus and course guide for course on Foreign Policy in Theory and Practice
Public Domain: Franklin D. Roosevelt and Churchill in Casablanca, 01/22/1943 (NARA)

I am passionate about teaching foreign policy. I am curious how factors such as leadership, bureaucratic politics and organizational processes interact with incentives originating in the international order and the state’s strategic environment in the formulation and implementation of foreign policy. I love to explores these processes with students and colleagues.

Foreign policy analysis allows us to explore connections between international and domestic politics and to discuss and apply theories and models originating in the study of international relations as well as the study of e.g., public administration, history, psychology, and economics. I teach foreign policy analysis as well as more specific topics such as Danish and Scandinavian foreign policy and the foreign and security policies of small states. You can check out my page on teaching foreign policy here.

I teach a Master’s level course on the theory and practice of foreign policy at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen. The course introduces students to various foreign policy actors and developments. We discuss the challenges and oppotunities of great powers, rising powers and small states and how they vary over time and space. The course introduces students to a variety of theoretical perspectives such as neoclassical realism, role theory, and discourse analysis. In the course, I seek to combine my own teaching with lectures and talks by colleagues and foreign policy practitioners. You are most welcome to download the course guide and syllabus (in Danish, but most course literature is in English).

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