Teaching Small State Politics

Reflections on teaching small state politics and syllabus on small state foreign policy.

I teach regularly on small state politics. In particular, my teaching on small state politics – like my research – focuses on small state foreign policy and the challenges and opportunities of small states in international relations.

In addition to my teaching at the University of Copenhagen, I have taught small state politics at e.g. the Blanquerna School, Ramon Llull University and at the University of Iceland’s Centre for Small State Studies.

Books on small states in international relations

My teaching on small state politics encourages students to think about what polity size does to policy-making and implementation. We discuss both challenges and opportunities and what small states actually ‘do’ when they make and implement policy.

Much of my teaching has som emphasis on Danish and Scandinavian foreign policy, but increasingly take a global perspective exploring both similarities and variations in the conditions for and output of small state politics.

A few years ago, I participated in the Erasmus+ project ‘Small States in Europe: Towards a Cross-Disciplinary Approach’ at the Centre for Small State Studies, University of Iceland. Check out the project homepage for syllabi on small states and foreign policy, international law, governance, and migration.

You are also most welcome to download the syllabus for the small state foreign policy course that I created for the project here.

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